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Dian de Wet

Dian is 15 years old and is showing amazing potential in swimming. At the recent 2015 South African Level 3 championships Dian won the 50m backstroke and placed 2nd in the 100m backstroke in his age group.

I started training with George during 2013. We started off with core and bodyweight exercises and progressed unto kettlebell and barbell training.

Since then my strength has improved exceptionally, where I now train with up to 75 kg on Deadlift and 60 kg on Squats. I am now also able to do a few good pull ups! My speed and explosiveness has also improved a lot over the past year.

I enjoy working with George because if you are doing an exercise wrong, he will help you with it until you get it right. George explains and demonstrates everything in such detail and taught me correct technique of all the various strength exercises.

George provides individual attention and in his eyes everyone is his favourite.

George has also taught me about the important principles of sports nutrition. This has improved my recovery between training sessions and helped me to train at a higher level.

George has helped me achieve amazing things in my swimming, things that I have always dreamed about.

My goal over the next few years is to become no.1 in South Africa in the backstroke!

Joa van Niekerk

Joa is 15 years old and was a late starter to the sport of swimming. At the South African Youth Nationals in 2014, she placed 2nd in the 200m breaststroke and 3rd in the 100m breaststroke. She is a rising young star to look out for in the future.

I started training with George in April 2013 in order to improve my strength for swimming. We started with basic bodyweight exercises such as lunges, squats, push-ups, TRX and core training. (My technique was very poor at that stage).

George emphasized correct technique at all times and also explained the reasoning behind each exercise. Since then my strength and speed has improved drastically, along with my improvement in technique. In training I am now able to Deadlift 65 kg and Back squat 60 kg, at a bodyweight of 50kg.

George’s communication skills are excellent. I always know exactly what he wants and how it must be done. He is very cautious and always ensures that I do an exercise correctly, in order to avoid injury. George’s knowledge of all the muscles and how to properly train them amazes me.

George has inspired me to live a healthier life. He gave me a whole new insight about nutrition. George taught me about which foods to avoid and which to eat plenty of. I understand my body’s reaction to certain foods much better and I also know how I should eat during competition. George also taught me about the benefits of supplements and how to use them. I am also very proud to say that my diet is 90% sugar and refined sugar free.

George is fun to work with and I always look forward to my training sessions with him. I’m always eager to learn new, more challenging exercises from him and he is always willing to share his knowledge. George is also a great motivator.

I fully trust George with my training and nutrition program. Since working with him, my swimming and confidence has improved tremendously. I admire him as a coach and for what he has achieved as an athlete. I would highly recommend George du Rand for his professional knowledge and expertise.

George kindly presented a clinic to my swimmers on Saturday 16 August.

I found the whole afternoon to be excellent. We had 22 swimmers aged from 11 to 16, and all enjoyed it immensely. George has a very good way with children, speaks well and describes the various skills and drills clearly.

We started with a short motivational talk, interactive with questions to the swimmers. George emphasized striving for perfection, working on core strength, the need for commitment and hard work, and other important aspects which apply to all sports.

The main focus was on backstroke, with starts, turns and finishes. Second stroke was butterfly, and after a break George was in the water with the swimmers, demonstrating the medley turns, and more. He was very thorough, and would ask a swimmer to repeat a turn, or an exercise, until he (George) was satisfied. His technical knowledge – and how to apply this to each age group – was also excellent, the children really enjoyed watching George swim!

The clinic gave the swimmers a look at, and some practice in, a higher standard of swimming generally. All my swimmers came away happy, and keen to lift their sport to the next level.

Penny Quinlan

Coach: Linrand Swimming Club
Central Gauteng Aquatics

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