The Art and Science of Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition can be referred to as an Art and a Science. The art consists of nourishing an active body with high quality food and supplements in a skilful, safe and consistent manner. This pertains not only to what we eat, but also when.

The art of sports nutrition is directly dependent on the foundation created by the science of sports nutrition. The science of sports nutrition helps us to understand the how and the why. It provides answers as to what is the right food, in the right form, at the right time, in the right amount along with the use of supplements. Principles such as glycemic index, acid/alkaline balance, electrolyte balance and lactic acid are all backed by scientific evidence. Through observation and experimentation, we have been able to discover the impact of supplements on our health and performance. Our biochemical needs are determined by many variables such as age, bodytype, metabolic status, body composition, athletic goals, training volume and intensity, and lifestyle. All these factors are influenced by the laws of science.

Sports nutrition has greatly evolved from the early days of musclebound bodybuilders guzzling protein shakes. It now has a far greater reach and is for anyone who is ultimately concerned about their personal state of health and fitness. Sports nutrition incorporates exercise and optimum nutrition, and both are required to achieve wellness, combat obesity and prevent degenerative disease. As the fastest growing sector in the health industry, it is the only category that successfully bridges the gap between fitness and nutrition.

If you love to exercise and be active, sports nutrition can help you get the most out of your time spent in the gym or on the sports field. A nutrition plan tailored to your needs will support your training and improve your performance, all while promoting health and wellness.

For athletes, sports nutrition can play a major role in achieving peak performance. Optimum nutrition allows an athlete to train at a higher level and also supports growth and recovery in-between workouts. Just by simply applying the laws of science, an athlete can expect immediate benefits from supplements such as creatine, omega-3’s and whey protein. Sports nutrition also impacts an athlete’s long-term state of health. Many retired athletes suffer the ill-effects from years of abuse and neglect during their competition years. Athletes should also be thinking of life beyond an athletic career and aim to be healthy and active for life. If health is prioritised, performance will follow.

To get the most out of our food and supplements, it is science we depend on for the right answers. The optimal application of the art and science of sports nutrition will allow us to perform at our best and keep us healthy and injury-free.

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